What Is Medical Payments & Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage?

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Many people injured in automobile accidents in South Carolina do not realize that there may be coverage aside from the at-fault motorist's liability coverage to help pay for medical bills.  When you purchase insurance you usually have the option to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payments coverage (MedPay).  These types of coverages are are generally considered "no-fault" coverages.  That means that it doesn't matter if you were at fault or if someone else was at fault, this coverage will be available to help pay medical bills up to the available MedPay or PIP coverage limit.  Some people do not know what this insurance coverage is, or even worse, forget that they purchased this type of coverage.

This type of insurance coverage can be especially helpful in a situation where an at-fault motorist with minimum insurance limits causes an accident with you in which there are serious injuries.  Many times in a car accident with serious injuries there will not be enough insurance coverage provided by the at-fault motorist's liability coverage to fully pay hospital bills.  In this situation, the MedPay or PIP coverage would help to pay the medical bills.  Another situation where this coverage is helpful is where a driver causes an accident in which they are injured.  Because these types of coverages are "no-fault" coverages, you can generally collect from them even if you are at fault in causing an accident.

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