Roper Hospital Being Sued for Allegedly Causing Infections Following Surgery

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Lawsuits have been filed against Roper Hospital alleging numerous accounts of patients being infected with non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM).  The lawsuit alleges that the Centers for Disease Control began investigating Roper Hospital in July 2016 after roughly two dozen patients became sick following surgery at the downtown Charleston location.  It seems that a majority of those survivors that became infected were breast cancer survivors that were undergoing reconstructive surgery.

It is alleged that the infections are a result of bacteria coming from the hospital's water system.  The hospital maintains in a story (link to the story here) that there is no proof that the patients became infected at Roper Hospital.  However, in a letter from DHEC from March 2017, there were recommendations that the hospital implement a water treatment system that addressed the bacteria and biofilm in the water distribution system.  The hospital was also told that their infection control practices needed to be improved, and staff needed more training to control infection.

It is important to note that signs of infection show up much later given that the bacteria's incubation period.  On average, patients do not show signs of the illnes for two months and it can take even longer.

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