SC County Gets Tough On DUI’s

It's no secret that South Carolina takes drunk driving seriously, and Myrtle Beach seems to be taking its DUI arrests as seriously as the rest of the state.  A task force called Community Action for a Safer Tomorrow Coalition (CAST) in Horry County announced on July 31st that since March 1st this year, they have held 46 checkpoints and 18 saturation patrols and written 323 charges including 50 driving under the influence (DUI) charges.  

Horry County received a federal grant to implement the task force.  The grant is currently in its fourth year, which is the first year that the program is actually implemented.  Officials have received $165,000 to form this taskforce and put it to use.  The funding also covers overtime for officers working traffice safety checkpoints or saturation patrols to prevent DUI-related crashes and underage drinking.

Source: Police Focus Efforts on DUI's and Underage Drinking with Coalition 

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