Woman Charged With DUI After Drinking Hand Sanitizer

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A woman charged with operating a vehicle under the influence told police that she drank half a bottle of hand sanitizer.  The woman was pulled over after police saw her speed around a corner and spin out of control.  The police reported smelling alcohol on the woman who did not admit to drinking at first.  The woman allegedly failed two sobriety tests, and after being charged with driving while intoxicated she admitted to drinking the half bottle of hand sanitizer.  Police reported that the woman's blood alcohol content was .1764 when tested.

Drinking hand sanitizer has become a problem around the country for teens who drink it and become ill.  Some teens have even been reported to be getting alcohol poisoning from ingesting the sanitizer.

It is important to remember that in South Carolina the law states that it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle if your ability to drive is materially and appreciably impaired.  Therefore, if you choose to drink hand sanitizer and become intoxicated to a point where your ability to drive is impaired you can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI).

Source: NBC10 Philadelphia: Woman Charged With Driving Under The Influence of Hand Sanitizer

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