What Are My Damages?

auto-accident-attorney-charleston-scPosted by the Charleston Car Accident Attorneys at Anderson & Schuster, Attorneys at Law, LLC. Our Auto Accident Lawyers help those injured in car accidents in Charleston and across South Carolina.  If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, contact our office today to find out what we can do for you.


One of the most challenging parts of representing people that have been seriously injured in accidents around Charleston and other parts of the lowcountry is determining a fair value to assign to a specific injury.  Because it is impossible to erase a terrible experience, completely restore broken bones, or reverse the effects of a traumatic brain injury, we, as injury attorneys are only given the option of pursuing compensation for our clients in accordance with the civil justice system.  What the civil justice system in our country allows is for us to seek monetary compensation from at-fault motorists or other negligent parties for the injuries and negative experiences they were forced to endure. 

Frequently, attorneys who represent injured people have to take an event that has completely changed one of our client's lives and make an argument to a jury or an insurance company that a car accident (or other event) resulted in a specific type of harm to our client, and based on that harm, the client should be compensated by a specific amount of money.  No two cases are ever identical, and there are many different factors that contribute to what these amounts should be.

Damages are types of harms that a client has suffered.  Our client's damages are usually broken down into two categories.  The first category is called "special damages."  Special damages include specific hard costs that are quantifiable like past and future medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, or the cost of repair damage to a vehicle.  The second category of damages is called "general damages."  General damages are types of harms and injures that directly result from an action or the failure to take action by the defendant.  Unlike special damages, general damages are less quantifiable.  General damages include compensation for physical pain and suffering, physical disfigurement (scarring, dismemberment, etc.), physical impairment (paralysis, dismemberment, etc.), mental anguish, loss of companionship, or loss of enjoyment of life.  These types of harms do not come with a formula that computes a specific amount of compensation.  The amount of compensation for a client experiencing these types of damages will largely depend on the circumstances of the accident or event that caused the injury as well as a host of other factors.

As you can imagine, each injury case comes with it's own unique set of facts and circumstances.  Each case also comes with a unique individual.  What our injury lawyers do is look at each individual case and negotiate with an insurance company to compensate our clients for the specific and general damages that they have suffered at the hands of a potential defendant.  We are passionate about representing individuals and are happy to discuss your potential case with you.  If you or a loved one would like to talk to one of our attorneys about an injury that you have sustained that was not your fault, please call our office today at (843) 388-3661.  Please remember that our personal injury consultations are free of charge.

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