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Charleston underage drinking lawyerIf you or your child have received an underage drinking related charge in the Charleston area, our attorneys can help. Underage drinking charges are most common among students in high school or enrolled in college, whether it be College of Charleston, the Citadel, Charleston Southern, Trident, or another local institution. Underage drinkers from out of town visiting, on vacation or on spring break are frequently cited as well. Everyone makes mistakes.  Our underage drinking ticket lawyers can help minimize the damage any underage drinking ticket can potentially cause.  

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Common Underage Drinking Charges

Minor in Possession (MIP) of Beer or Wine
Minor in Possession (MIP) of Alcohol or Liquor
Fake ID or Driver License
Public Drunkenness
Public Intoxication
Disorderly Conduct 
Open Container

Underage Drinking Consequences

Each underage drinking charge listed above imposes a fine on those convicted.  Some can cause your driver's license to be suspended, even if you have a license issued by another state.  If you have a state scholarship, such as the LIFE scholarship, it may be affected.  All underage drinking tickets are criminal offenses, and will leave you with some type of criminal record if convicted.  This is usually the biggest concern of those charged with an underage drinking offense.  Even if a charge can be expunged from the public record, it usually takes at least three years after a conviction.  So, if convicted you may be applying for jobs or graduate school with an underage drinking charge you have to explain to a potential employer or admissions committee.

What our Underage Drinking Ticket Attorneys can do for You

Our underage drinking ticket lawyers will be there every step of the way, helping to fight your underage drinking ticket and working to keep it off your criminal record.  In many instances we can take care of your charge without you having to appear in Court.  Please give our Charleston underage drinking ticket attorneys a call today to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have free of charge.   

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