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SC Police Officer Suspended After DUI Arrest

Posted by the Charleston, SC DUI Lawyers at Anderson & Schuster, Attorneys at Law, LLC. Our Charleston DUI Defense Attorneys help drivers charged with DUI, DUAC and other traffic violations in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Summerville and across the South Carolina lowcountry. A Columbia, SC Police officer was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) after the officer wrecked…read more →

SC Police Officers Trained on New Alcoholic Beverages

Posted by the Charleston DUI Attorneys at Anderson & Schuster, Attorneys at Law, LLC. Our DUI Attorneys help those charged with DUI in the Charleston, SC area.   In October, South Carolina Law enforcement got a lesson in alcopops — flavored alcoholic beverages — and other new trends that target teens, encourage binge drinking and can be used to disguise…read more →