Wills and Estate Planning

Our Wills and Estate Planning Attorneys can help you plan for the future so that your assets are passed down to the ones you love.  

When a person dies without a Will, South Carolina law determines how the person’s assets will be distributed.  A Will can override the statutory law and distribute your remaining assets exactly how you desire.  If you are married and have children, you likely will not like how your assets are distributed in the absence of a Will.  If you are married and you or your spouse dies without a will, half of the deceased’s estate must be passed to your children regardless of their age.  A will can prevent this from happening.  Furthermore, a Will makes the Probate process much simpler for your loved ones.  

Additionally, documents such as a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Living Will are vital to any good estate plan.  They allow you to direct how your financial and health decisions are made if you become incompetent due to injury or illness.  Expressing your wishes in these documents gives you control and can take tough healthcare decisions out of your loved ones hands so that they are not burdened with having to make them.

Our Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers can create an effective estate plan for you so that the things you leave behind are distributed exactly as you desire, giving you peace of mind that the loved ones you leave behind are taken care of. Contact our Charleston Estate Planning Lawyers at (843) 388-3661.