Probate Litigation

Many times the Probate process does not run smoothly because of family conflict over how the assets of the estate should be distributed.  Our Probate Attorneys can help those involved in Probate litigation, including Will and Trust contests, administration of trusts, and problems regarding inheritance. These matters often involve significant emotional and financial issues.  Call our probate and estate lawyers if you need help handling any legal matters concerning your loved one’s probate estate in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester Counties.

Intestate Inheritance

In South Carolina, a person’s estate is distributed according to the intestacy laws if a person dies without a Will.  The law clearly assigns percentages of the estate to certain beneficiaries, but often time disputes arise as to the value of property or how specific property should be divided.  Experts may need to be brought in to value property, and suit may need to brought to partition real estate or liquidate personal assets.

Whether you are an heir, the personal representative, or both, a probate and estate attorney can help represent your interests. Please give our probate attorneys a call today so that we can discuss your situation and help you resolve family conflicts with as little stress as possible.

Will Contests

Often time potential heirs to an estate challenge the validity of Will, especially one drafted or revised shortly before death.  Wills and property distribution can be challenged on a variety of issues, such as:

  • Lack of capacity to make a Will usually due to dementia or other mental illness,
  • The undue influence of a family member, caretaker, or close friend,
  • Improper execution of a Will,
  • Potentially unclear or ambiguous provisions in a Will, and
  • The omission of a spouse and the spousal elective share.

If you feel there has been foul play in the execution of a Will that has resulted in the unfair distribution of your loved one’s estate, please give our probate and estate lawyers a call today.  Our Probate Attorneys understand disputes among family members can be very difficult, and we will strive to get you through this difficult situation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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