James Island DUI Defense Lawyers

Charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in James Island, South Carolina? You are certainly not alone. DUI is one of the most frequently charged offenses in the James Island, SC area. You likely have come to this page searching for answers about your James Island, SC DUI charge. Our James Island DUI Attorneys can help you defend you DUI charge and work to get your driver's license back.

South Carolina DUI laws have gotten tough on drunk drivers, carrying stiff penalties even for a first-time violation. If you have been cited for DUI in James Island, SC or the surrounding area, contact our James Island DUI Lawyers to discuss your case.

When you call our office you will speak directly with a James Island DUI attorney about your DUI arrest. We pride ourselves in giving all of our clients the prompt, personal service they deserve. After all, fighting your James Island area DUI charge is one of your top priorities and we will make it one of ours as well. Give our law firm a call today to discuss your arrest with one of our James Island DUI lawyers. Our DUI consultations are free of charge.

  1. You will speak directly with an attorney about your James Island, SC DUI arrest. Our conversation will be kept confidential.
  2. Our DUI attorneys will discuss what you face if convicted of your James Island DUI and what they can do for you.
  3. If you decide to retain our James Island, SC DUI lawyers, we will start to gather the evidence we need to fight your DUI charge right away.
  4. If your license was suspended, our DUI attorneys will start the process of getting it back before you leave the office. Remember, you have a limited amount of time to request a special South Carolina license that allows you to drive pending the outcome of your DUI. Call our James Island DUI attorneys today so that they can help get you driving again.

Remember, your consultation with our James Island, SC DUI attorneys is free of charge. If you have been charged with DUI in the James Island, SC area, call today and speak directly with the James Island DUI attorneys at Anderson & Schuster, LLC. Contact Us Now.

We are conveniently located in Mt. Pleasant, only a short drive from James Island.

Our James Island, SC DUI attorneys have provided answers to several frequent Questions about DUI, and we encourage you to read them. Each DUI case is different, so to get the most accurate information regarding your situation please contact our James Island DUI lawyers today.