Charleston, SC Probate Lawyers

Charleston, SC Probate Estate LawyersIf you have questions about Charleston County Probate, our Charleston, SC Probate Attorneys can help. If a loved one has passed away in Charleston County, his or her property must go through probate in the Charleston County Probate Court before it can be passed on to the rightful heirs. The probate process can be complicated, and our Charleston probate attorneys can help alleviate the stress and confusion of having to navigate the Charleston Probate Court at such a difficult time.

The first step is to open an estate in the Charleston Probate Court and have a Personal Representative appointed. A Personal Representative is the person charged with administering the estate, making sure creditors are paid properly, and making sure property is distributed properly as set out in the Will or the law in the absence of a will. There are many steps involved in probating a Charleston estate and many deadlines set by the Charleston Probate Court that must be followed. If you would like to be named the personal representative of an estate in Charleston County, our Charleston Probate Lawyers can guide you through the process.

If you would like more information, we encourage you to read this outline of the Charleston, SC Probate Process created by our Charleston, SC Probate Lawyers. For the most accurate information concerning your case, we encourage you to speak directly with one of our Charleston Probate Attorneys. If you should choose to hire our probate attorneys, our fee can usually be paid using the assets of the estate and not from your own pocket. Contact our Charleston Probate Attorneys at (843) 388-3661. 


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