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Man Charged With DUI After Running Into A Barn At Bessinger’s BBQ

A Charleston man is facing a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) after Charleston Police found his Ford pickup truck with significant damage to the front end.  Police say the man crashed into a barn located at Bessinger's BBQ on Savannah Highway.  Police report that the individual was wandering around the area and bleeding from the ear.  The suspect…read more →

Two South Carolina DUI Arrests Result in Sentences of 15 Years or More

As Mt. Pleasant DUI attorneys, one of the questions that people most commonly ask when they come into our office is, "What will happen if I am convicted of Driving Under the Influence?"  The answer to that question, is the same as it is for most legal questions, it depends.  The facts and circumstances surrounding DUI arrests are almost always…read more →

Crocs Founder Blames DUI on Taylor Swift

George Boedecker, founer of Crocs shoes, was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after he was allegedly found unconscious in his Porsche.  When police confronted Boedecker, he said that he wasn't the one driving the car.  Instead he said that his "girlfriend" was driving.  He later told police that his girlfriend was pop star Taylor Swift who, according to…read more →