Construction Litigation

For Home and Property Owners

Generally, construction defects occur because of defects in design, defective materials, or faulty workmanship. 

Common damages resulting from faulty construction include:

Don’t let the clock run out on your right to recover.  The Statute of Limitations for construction defect claims is usually two or three years, depending on your type of claim.  This time can start running once a homeowner becomes aware of a construction defect, and determining just when that was can be complicated.  Also, the Statute of Repose bars claims for construction defects after eight years, regardless of when the defect is discovered.  If you think you have a construction defect claim, immediate action should be taken to preserve your claim. 
Our Charleston construction litigation attorneys will discuss your potential claim and your options free of charge. 

If you think you have a construction defect claim, give the attorneys at Anderson & Schuster, LLC a call today.

For Builders and Contractors

A Mechanics Lien is a tool you can use to protect your rights and interests if you have provided labor and/or materials to both new construction and existing projects.  If you are a contractor or subcontractor and have not been paid for your services, you may be able to enforce a mechanics' lien and collect payment. 

However, the prerequisites, particularly the notice requirements for a valid and enforceable mechanics' lien are strict.  You must adhere to the letter of the law or your lien may be unenforceable and you may be left unable to collect money for the labor and materials you provided. You want and need an experienced attorney to help you throughout the process; from the time you file the initial lien through any efforts to collect under it, including litigation.  Do not lose your right to be paid for your time, labor, and materials.  Call Anderson & Schuster, LLC today so that we can help put the law to work for you.  Keep in mind that filing a Mechanics’ Lien may entitle you to having your attorney fees paid by the opposing party.

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