Two South Carolina DUI Arrests Result in Sentences of 15 Years or More

As Mt. Pleasant DUI attorneys, one of the questions that people most commonly ask when they come into our office is, "What will happen if I am convicted of Driving Under the Influence?"  The answer to that question, is the same as it is for most legal questions, it depends.  The facts and circumstances surrounding DUI arrests are almost always unique.  Therefore, the consequences most often depend on the facts that led to the DUI arrest.  If you are convicted of or plead guilty to DUI the sentences handed down by judges can be very lengthy.

Just this week, two people in South Carolina charged with Felony DUI were sentenced to 15 years or more in prison.  One sentence was for 20 years after a drunken driving crash that killed a 67 year old woman and injured two other passengers.  The other sentence was for 15 years resulting from a crash that killed a 29 year old mother and her two young sons.

For more information on these sentences check out the following sources: Man sentenced to 15 years after drunk driving incident kills 3   Woman sentenced to 20 years in SC DUI death

Mt. Pleasant DUI Lawyer

If you have read our previous blog post Mt. Pleasant, SC Makes Most DUI Arrests in South Carolina you should know that the Mt. Pleasant Police are serious about arresting people for driving under the influence.  If you have been charged with DUI in Mt. Pleasant, hire a Mt. Pleasant DUI lawyer at Anderson & Schuster, Attorneys at Law, LLC to fight your DUI charge and protect your rights.  Attempting to fight a DUI charge in Mt. Pleasant can be very difficult and the assistance of a Mt. Pleasant DUI lawyer is highly recommended.