FAQ: Should I hire a lawyer to defend against my DUI charge?

Like tickets for speeding, first offense DUI charges are issued on a blue traffic ticket and tried in county or municipal courts.  However, DUI charges are much more serious than a speeding ticket and should not be taken lightly.  The penalties for a DUI are severe and have long lasting consequences.  The fines are steep and a conviction will result in increased insurance premiums.   A DUI conviction cannot be expunged and will stay on your criminal record forever.  This can make it difficult to find employment. 

Additionally, the evidence in DUI cases is complex.  There are many potential weaknesses in every DUI case that should be analyzed and evaluated.  Hiring a DUI lawyer familiar with DUI law and the types of evidence involved can greatly increase your chances of having your charge dismissed or reduced to much less serious offense.  Please give us a call to discuss your DUI charge and all of your possible options.