Exploding Batteries from E-Cigs Sparking Products Liability Lawsuits

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The video above is a story that was run on NBC2 News in Fort Myers, Florida and shows what can happen if an E-Cig or electronic cigarette explodes.  There have been a growing number of lawsuits related to E-Cigs lately.  The reason for the lawsuits is the fact that the lithium-ion batteries can fail, which results in the battery sometimes catching fire.  As you can imagine, a device that is kept in a pocket or one that is in use and close to a person's face could be extremely dangerous and cause significant damage if it were to catch fire.

The lawsuits filed on behalf on injured people suffering from extensive burns to their faces and other parts of their bodies are generally maintained as a products liability lawsuit, which can attack a manufacturer, distributor, and/or retailer for the defective product.  Generally, the lawsuits allege that the manufacturer, distributor, and/or retailer designed, built, or sold a product that they knew was dangerous when a safer alternative existed or where warnings could have been provided to consumers that adequately placed the consumer on notice of the potential dangers of using the product.

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