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In an effort to keep our blog followers up to date and possibly entertained, check out these news stories from around the country.


Woman Arrested For Setting Fire To A Drink Vending Machine After It Stole Her Money

The New Bern North Carolina woman did not put up much of a defense at her preliminary hearing stating: "I'll represent myself, 'cause I'm guilty," and "I don't need a lawyer to lie for me, cause I'mma tell you I done it." 

Man Arrested for Having Sex With a Couch

Man found by police attempting to have sex with a couch that had been left on a curb.

Woman Arrested for Offering Roadside Stripteases for Cash

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested for attempting to flag down motorists to offer them a striptease in exchange for money.  Police arrested the woman for disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana.  Click the link above for more information.

Man Accused of Driving Through A DUI Checkpoint With A Beer In His Hand

A Vernon, Connecticut man was accused of driving through a checkpoint with a beer in his hand.  Not only was he accused of drinking a beer, but he was also allegedly driving on a suspended license for a previous drunk driving charge.  He was charged again with driving under the influence (DUI) and driving under suspension.  He was allegedly released after posting a bond of $2,500.00.  It sounds like this guy could use a good DUI attorney.

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Man Attacked by Burglar with Toilet Bowl Lid and a Guitar

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A Mom Sues Justin Bieber for 9.23 Million Dollars Over Damage To Her Ears:

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Jason Kidd Arrested On DUI Charges After Crashing SUV Into a Telephone Pole:

Full Story: Jason Kidd Arrested for DUI


Two Men Arrested For Walking Around Charleston, SC Naked.  Both face an indecent exposure charge becuase they thought it would be fun to walk home naked.




Man Arrested for DUI After Crashing Into Police Station:




Michigan Using Talking Urinal Cakes to Dissuade People From Drunk Driving:



Maine Woman Arrested After Shaving Boyfriend's Head While He Was Sleeping:



New Jersey Man Allegedly Pulled a Gun on a Neighbor Who Farted In His General Direction:



Ex L.A. County Deputy Gets Jail For Smuggling Drugs in A Burrito: