College of Charleston Student Sues Man for Secretly Filming Them Having Sex

Unemployed personal trainer and CBS "Survivor" want to be Harold "Tripp" Worthy has gotten himself into some hot water after he allegedly filmed himself having sexual intercourse with a College of Charleston freshman and sold the video on the internet.  According to the Post and Courier, a criminal investigation is currently underway in Lexington County and the College of Charleston freshman filed a civil action against Worthy in Charleston County.  The lawsuit alleges Invasion of Privacy: Wrongful Publicizing of Private Affairs and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.  Additionally, the lawsuit sought to force the defendant to remove the video from a website that he maintained by way of an injunction.  Judge Stephanie McDonald ruled last week that the video must be taken down.  It appears as though Worthy is maintaining his innocence saying, "Nothing is proved in any way," and "I didn't do anything wrong" in an interview after last Tuesday's hearing. 

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