Ambien As A Defense To DUI?

Former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy's daughter Kerry Kennedy was charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) after she was found in her Lexus slumped over the wheel after apparently hitting a tractor-trailer.  Other motorists said they saw her strike a tractor-trailer and drive off erratically.  Police later found her in her car after she apparently exited the highway with a flat tire.  Kennedy's DUI lawyer has refrained from commenting on certain aspects of the case.

It is suspected that Kennedy may not have actually been drinking and driving, but instead was either "sleep driving" as a result of taking the prescription drug Ambien, or that she possibly suffered a seizure while driving.  Experts say Ambien is generally safe, even though unwanted side effects can arise.  Experts also acknowlede that some patients have found themselves doing things such as sleepwalking, eating, and even driving without realizing it.  This is becoming known as the "Sleep Driving" defense to a dui charge, and this defense appears to be gaining more popularity as more and more cases of sleep driving are being reported even in South Carolina.

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Source: Ambien As A Possible Defense To Kerry Kennedy's DUI Charge?